Taoguanhong, deputy director of the Management Committee of the high tech Zone, and his delegation inspected anku biology

On the afternoon of February 26, 2021, taoguanhong, deputy director of the administrative committee of Suzhou high tech Zone and deputy head of Huqiu District government, led by Shen Peiying, deputy director of the science and technology innovation Bureau of the high tech Zone, Wang Liang, deputy director of Fengqiao street of the high tech Zone, Zhu Zhenwei, deputy general manager of the high tech investment attraction center of the high tech Zone, and Xu Haidong, general manager of the life health town company, and other leaders of departments and units at all levels of the high tech Zone visited anku biology.

Deputy director Tao and his delegation first visited various experimental areas of anku biology, listened carefully to the introduction of many R & D projects by anku biological scientists, and then had in-depth exchanges with the management team of anku biology. After listening to the work reports of the anku management team, deputy director Tao put forward suggestions and higher requirements for the development of anku biology this year. He hoped that anku biology could seize the good opportunity of the development of the biomedical industry, accelerate the pace of work, and blossom and bear fruit as soon as possible on the fertile land of entrepreneurship in Suzhou high tech Zone. He also hoped that while doing a good job in R & D and marketing, anku team, Strengthen the communication with the science and technology innovation Bureau of the high tech Zone, Fengqiao street and other departments at all levels, share the progress of innovation, and timely reflect and solve the practical difficulties and problems encountered in the work.

Dr. zhangliqun, general manager of anku biology, expressed his welcome and thanks to deputy director Tao and his delegation for their visit to anku biology through a video, saying that anku biology will work simultaneously in many fields such as new drug research and development, technical services and medical diagnostic reagent development in 2021, and further instructed the management team of anku biology to strengthen communication and exchange with functional departments at all levels of Suzhou high tech Zone, so as to understand various innovation and entrepreneurship policies in a timely manner, Make full use of the multi category entrepreneurship boost resources of the high-tech zone to promote the rapid breakthrough and healthy and sustainable development of anku biology.
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